Allmet Roofing Products Provide Energy Efficiency

Available in a range of colors, styles, and finishes, steel roofing is attractive, durable, and long lasting. Although the initial cost of steel roofing is generally higher than other types of roofing, it is economical in the long run. Steel roofing maintains its appearance and rarely, if ever, needs to be replaced. In addition, steel roofing saves energy all year round.

During the summer, it provides a cooling effect by reflecting sunlight and reducing the roof’s surface temperature, thus keeping the home more comfortable and reducing the load on the air conditioner. For example, a study by the Florida Power and Light Company reveals that white steel roofing reflects up to 77 percent of the sun’s energy during the day.

During winter months, a dead air buffer zone between an old roof and a new steel roof provides insulation. As a result, the heat remains inside the home where it belongs. The savings add up substantially over time.

About Allmet Roofing Products: Allmet’s high-quality roofing products incorporate state-of-the-art technology and materials to create a roof that is attractive and energy efficient. The company is headquartered in Courtland, Ontario, Canada.


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