About Allmet Roofing

Allmet Roofing provides a variety of products for roofing projects and needs, all backed by a lifetime warranty. Based out of Courtland, Ontario, the company maintains a website at http://www.allmet.com. The company offers products and training courses for roofing installers and individuals beginning their contracting careers. Allmet also provides guides, tools, and approvals information on its website.

As part of its training program, Allmet Roofing maintains several installation guides for industry professionals, including videos in Spanish and French, as well as a Product Manual and Talavera Install Manual. The Talavera Manual provides an instructional PDF that lists the procedures to install the Talavera roofing system, which has been tested by the company’s Roofing Products team. In addition, Allmet Roofing maintains factory-training programs in Florida and Ontario, which are two-day long intensive courses in topics such as roofing over asphalt and ridge/rake details.

Furthermore, Allmet Roofing provides a Sales Tools section on its website that details methods for contractors to get started in the roofing industry. The choices include a product manual, photo CD of the company’s products, and flyers and brochures on its Signature Series. Interested individuals can request hard copies of these materials through an online form, or follow a link to the Metals USA Building Products’ website, which offers similar information. Finally, the FAQs provide details on the weight of an Allmet roof, how it withstands high winds, possible homeowner insurance discounts, and related matters.

Additionally, Allmet’s Sales Director, Richard Davis, personally invites contractors to contact the company with any product questions or needs.


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